Hey Y’all! Im so happy you are here to join me for my mudroom update as part of the Summer Home Refresh blog link party!  I have joined up with a group of AMAZING, talented bloggers to bring you 3 days filled with Summer Refresh ideas you can do in your own homes!  Don’t y’all just love it when several ideas of the same theme are just handed to you in a nice little package? Well, here you go!!

As Summer is in full swing, i decided it was finally time to update and refresh my sad mudroom built-in.  This Summer Home Refresh blog hop was the perfect push to finally get it done. I wanted it to feel brighter and more inviting as we came in from the garage, and have a better flow into our kitchen and family room…rooms i updated a few months ago to a much softer palette ( whites and more whites with some warm greys thrown in).

Here is my mudroom before:  (Just pretend there aren’t a million misplaced items in the kitchen …it’s summer y’all, i have 5 kids home…i could’ve cropped it out, but i decided just to keep it real for y’all!)

See that cute little antique sewing table to the right of the mudroom hooks?  No, that’s not where that goes, but it’s a project i’m also working on.  That piece is turning out really cute…I’ll share the makeover with y’all soon)

Here’s another closer shot of the pint of white paint that got knocked over on my mudroom bench a year ago…That’s right…the remnants of what i couldn’t clean up from the spill have sat just like that for a year.  It has been begging for a makeover ever since.

I went back and forth with what color to paint the mudroom built-in…and while tempted to do white (y’all know me…white, white, white)…i decided i would rather see a little more color here.  I decided on a soft steel blue with some grey tones in it.  I added little vinyl numbers above each hook to designate a hook for each of my kiddos once we get back into school and they need to hang their backpacks again.  You can see in the pic below that after i painted over the vinyl numbers, i removed them while the paint was still wet. (This helps with getting clean lines around your vinyl stencils).

The paint looked closer to grey, (which i was a little disappointed with since i had decided to go with more of a “fun” color) but, once it dried, the blue came through!

I decided to just update the planter I already had with a little paint.  You probably didn’t even notice the planter in the “before pic” of the mudroom built-in, because it really just blended in.  It was black iron square pots, and a black iron rectangle base, in a basket.  If you scroll back up to the “before pic”, you’ll see it in the top shelf.

I’m kinda loving pops of rose gold and copper in my home right now, so I decided to paint the little square pots in a metallic rose gold paint.  I used DecorArt Dazzling metallic paint in Rose Gold.  It ended up just how I wanted it. In the pic below, you can see one side of the planter is still black, one side has one coat, and the closest pot has two coats.  I ended up doing 3 coats on all sides of the planter.

That’s one heck of a cheap copper planter if you ask me…3 planters for less than $1!

For the rectangle base, i knew i wanted to keep the entire planter feeling more farmhouse and vintage…as that’s where my heart with decor really sits.  I love mixing a little sparkle and modern with farmhouse…they just compliment each other so well.  I decided i would give the rectangle base a faux vintage enamel finish.  If you want the tutorial on how to do that, you can see it HERE.

Here’s a pic of the finished planter:

I just shopped my house for the other decor items i placed in my mudroom built in and around it.  I added a burlap “B” that has moved from room to room and shelf to shelf..a little wire organizing hanger (it will hold incoming and outgoing mail in the slots) and topiary and ceramic bird…my straw visor that i wear at the pool or while gardening, and a little copper bucket i had and filled it with hydrangeas for a little more summer flair.

I wanted to add a cushion to the bench, and decided to stuff an outdoor pillow into a cattle feed sack that i’ve been hanging on to until inspiration struck.

I love the texture and farmhouse feel that it gives to the space.  Nothing like shopping your own home to keep the cost of refreshing a space at a minimum.  It always amazes me how by just moving simple items around in the home, you can create a whole new feel to a space.

I think that ultimately i will build two crates and put little casters on the bottom of them, and possibly a rope pull on the front for easy access to go in the two bottom slots.  I’m a realist (sort of), and i know full well that if i expect my kids to remove their shoes when they come in (and i do), that there needs to be a place to store them. Also, living in Utah, there are several mittens and hats that get dropped in this space during winter, so i will designate one to shoes, and one to mittens, hats, & scarves. I will share the tutorial on building your own crates on casters in a blog post soon, I’m already working on them.  Make sure you are on my email list to get that tutorial delivered right to you. (You can sign up to be on the email list at the very top of the page if you missed it!)

Until the crates are done though, i just added a cute rose gold wire basket to one of the cubbies with a chunky blanket i knitted inside so the kiddos can grab it when we go star gazing in our yard during summer.  That’s a favorite activity around here, especially in August when shooting stars are common.

I hope y’all have enjoyed seeing my mudroom update for our Summer Refresh Blog hop!  Hopefully it has gotten some of your creative juices flowing for your own spaces!

Now its time to send y’all off to check out the other amazing summer refresh ideas from some incredible bloggers…Enjoy!!

Much Love,