Processed with Rookie CamAlright y’all… Let’s just bring it back to basics for a minute. If you follow me on Instagram or Periscope, you know that I have been working on a Shiplap entry, piano room, and hallway in my home. This post isn’t to announce that it’s done… Nor is it filled with lovely photos of these spaces in perfect light and all the decorations “just so”.

Processed with Rookie Cam

You can see my decor stacked against walls and me working on the hutch refurbish for my piano room above… Not glamorous ūüėČ . But I do have something to share with y’all…

Heres what started bubbling in my head, as I was on day 6 of my “Shiplap Heaven” makeover. DIY projects are like going to the gym y’all… And I don’t mean because it’s a workout. Hear me out on this!

So, you know when you get all inspired and you see pictures of a pin that’s like “perfect arms in 6 weeks”… And the girl in the photo really does have the arms you’d die for? And you’re like, “that’s it… I’m totally starting to eat clean and go to the gym and follow this program starting tomorrow!” ? And so, I ask you “why?” And the answer is obvious…because you want your arms to look like that! Right?

Well, I think DIY starts the same way.. You see something that totally inspires you… And you think, “that’s it! I’m starting that project tomorrow…because that’s exactly what I want!”

And about 24 hours in… You have this moment:

Processed with Rookie Cam

And you think to yourself, “Why on Earth did i start this project?!” ¬†I don’t know about you, but i hit this point in about 90% of any project i embark on. ¬†It doesn’t matter if its a furniture makeover, Painting a room, building something, or organizing a space in my home. ¬†The what was i thinking moment creeps in almost every time!

working on the hutch for the piano room
working on the hutch for the piano room

This is where my gym comparison comes in. ¬†You’re always pumped at the beginning of any fitness/clean eating adventure. ¬†And you get all dressed and set your playlist up filled with your favorite songs, and you get on that treadmill or whatever your exercise of choice is, and you get moving.

The first 5 minutes, you are so proud of yourself. ¬†And you think, “this is awesome. ¬†I’ll hit my goal in no time!”

But around 15-20 minutes, you think, “i can’t do this!” and “this is so much harder than i thought it would be!” ¬†All that self-doubt starts to rear its ugly head and make you question why you thought you could do what you set out to do. ¬†And you wonder if its really going to work out anyway, and you look around and compare yourself to all the other buff bodies in the gym (insert your favorite blogger or Instagram inspiration), and as you compare yourself to them, ¬†little by little you tear yourself down.

So, I’m here to pump you back up! ¬†We all have those moments! ¬†We all feel not good enough or not capable enough at different times. ¬†Your favorite blogger/refinisher/bakingqueen/organizerextraordinaire have all had these moments too. ¬†But, they didn’t give up. ¬†And thats the key here. ¬†Focus on your end result. ¬†Sometimes you have to dig deep! ¬†I definitely had to on this Shiplap project.


But, guess what? ¬†I’m so glad i pushed through, because i really do love it and have the pride of knowing that i made it happen. ¬†And every now and again, if you are really, really lucky…your bestie stops by to pick you back up and encourage you to keep going!


So, here i am. ¬†I’m showing up, and saying, “you got this!”

I hope this post found some of you right when you needed it, and for the rest of you, that it was a little peak behind the scenes in my world over here at One Horse Lane.

Much Love,


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