The other day, i was pondering the “why?” a Farmhouse.   Why do i love it? Why do i want it?  Why does it speak to me the way it does?

Country Life

Is it the wide open spaces?  The call to something God given? The desire to be self-sufficient?  The promise of something more wholesome for our children and family?


For me, it’s all of those.  Along with many other things important to me.   My draw to a simple country life comes from growing up in the south.  A place where things slow down.  Where God is first, and football is second.  A place where being a gracious hostess, and loving your family and neighbors runs deep.  A place where we cook comfort foods, catch lightening bugs after dark, say “yes maam and yes sir”, and enjoy long afternoons on a porch, sipping on homemade sweet tea.

Untitled design (62)

It’s away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  It’s a way to slow down.  To stop and “smell the sage brush” (or kudzu) and appreciate nature in a way that happens no where else.


Sometimes, when I’m creating, or painting, or working on a piece…i find myself feeling such gratitude for the blessings of all the gifts in my life.  I find myself thanking God, for creating me in such a way that I am drawn to the simpler things in life.   Things like, loving being a mother (i’m not suggesting there aren’t days that i am completely overwhelmed with the task of parenting), or loving being a wife.  Simple moments where i breathe in the beauty all around me.  Thunderstorms pounding and demanding we take notice of their presence.  Open fields with cows grazing.  Watching my daughter learn to ride horses and develop that beautiful relationship with such graceful animals.

horse in barn


The draw to a Farmhouse is so very enticing to many of us.  It doesn’t speak to all of us, for sure.  But, for those of you out there who relate to this post, you absolutely know who you are.  And this post, is for you.


It’s about appreciating nature, in all its glory.  It’s about cultivating a garden and feeding your family from it.  Its about taking time to make the memories based on very simple tasks like dinner around the table each night, homemade breads, evening walks, and showering with exhausted bodies after a long day working outside.

southern barn

For some of us, it’s about digging deep, and discovering why you are here…what your purpose is. What this amazing universe has in store for you and how you play into that great big, beautiful theme of life.

white barn

Whatever it is, i hope you’re finding it..searching for it…becoming it.


Much Love,