Y’all, i LOVE Lavender.  It’s one of my all-time favorite plants.  So, let’s talk about how to grow and harvest this beautiful herb!

There are several different varieties of Lavender (Lavendula), all beautiful with amazing fragrance.  A few varieties include English Lavender, Garden Lavender, Common Lavender, Narrow-leaved Lavender, French Lavender, and Spanish Lavender.  Here are a few pics so you can see some of the differences:

French Lavender (possibly the least fragrant of the varieties, but beautiful in vases and flower arrangements):

Untitled design (41)

English Lavender (strong scent, used as a base for aromatherapy oil, most popular of the varieties):

Untitled design (38)

Spanish Lavender (has distinctive deep purple flower with a pinecone shape and upright petals…makes a lovely topiary):

Untitled design (43)

Lavender is a pretty hardy plant, and likes to grow in a sunny location.  She likes well-drained soil…and when i say “likes”, what i mean is that she will die without it!  She has a compact root system, and will experience root rot if you don’t provide her with good drainage.  The great thing about this pretty plant is that she is drought tolerant and naturally pest resistant.  And oh, the smell!!! So lovely.  It’s time to harvest lavender when the purple flowers are vibrant in color and the plant is established with good growth. Make sure you harvest her in the morning after the dew has dried for the most successful harvest.

She is lovely standing alone in a vase to dry out, or combine with your favorite bath salts:

Untitled design (40)

She is also perfectly suited for placing in sachets to keep your linens and drawers smelling heavenly:

Untitled design (39)

If you would like to see how to pot and grow a Spanish Lavender topiary, you can read that post HERE.

I hope that this has been helpful for y’all, and that your gardens are full of lavender this year!

Much Love,