I wanted to take a moment to talk about what’s on my heart.  Life Lessons.  To tell ya’ll, you are enough.  We are all enough.

God handed us this beautiful world, filled with beautiful people, beautiful landscapes, beautiful families, beautiful memories.  But, sometimes, He hands us beautiful lessons, too.

Sometimes, life isn’t just a bowl full of cherries.

bowl of cherries

Sometimes, life looks like a gray cloud… a thunderstorm that rages and rants, and seems to never end.

Gray skies

Sometimes, it’s all you you can do to get out of bed everyday, and put a semi-smile on for the world around you.

country bedroom

Sometimes, you just need to to go back to bed and cry, because dang it! today was far too hard.

But do you know what?  There’s a quote i tell my kids (and myself) ALL the time:  “Even when it’s not ok, it’s going to be ok”.

How do i know this?  Because He’s got this.  He’s got you.  God knows your desires.  He knows your heart, your struggles, your unlearned lessons, and your achilles heel.  He knows that when the baby is crying at 2am, or you’ve lost something or someone irreplaceable, or you don’t think you can take one more disappointment…and you are mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted that He will help you get through to the morning.  And then the next day, and the next day, and the day after that, forever.  He will let the sun rise in the morning.  And not only will He let it, He will command it to.

winter and spring

Sometimes, even when Winter still looms in the background of life, Spring is coming.   A season to bloom and feel the warmth on your tired body.  A moment to feel gratitude for the little things.  A moment to stretch, and learn, and GROW.  We become what we are meant to become through challenges…through life’s lessons.  We learn, and struggle, and improve.  We try harder to be who we were meant to be on this Earth.  And, isn’t there such power in that?!

So, next time that you feel like you can’t possibly go on, like you’re standing on the cliff’s edge…please remember, He’s got you.

Cliff Edge

Sometimes Life Lessons can be rough, but worth it.  And remember my humble quote to my children, “Even when it’s not ok, it’s going to be ok”.

Much Love,