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I’m seriously so excited that y’all are here for this project! I have been hunting for the perfect vintage sofa to refinish and reupholster in a deconstructed farmhouse style for our family room FOREVER.  But, I’m cheap, ya’ll. So, i just knew that somehow, the Universe would pick out my perfect piece, in my perfect price, and set it in my lap if i just kept putting that intention happily out there! And guess what? It did!! Check out this sexy little number that i picked up for $35…

And, as an added bonus… there was a matching chair…which, of course i did NOT leave behind.  But, that’ll be after i tackle this beast.  And when i say beast, y’all, I’m not kidding.  Taking this little lady apart was like fighting with a wild animal with claws, and by claws, i mean staples.  Thousands, and thousands… and thousands of staples. And they cut the holy heck right out of my hands!  By the time i finished taking this chick apart, i had bruises, welts, and several scratches…and one very deep cut.  Oh the joys of being a creative, right?!

Anyway…moving on.  You can see that the fabric had some torn sections, which was fine, because i knew when i found my perfect piece, i was going to “gut” her anyway. And, just a note on if the fabric is intact and you plan on keeping it the way it is…Make sure you know where it came from and where and how it was stored.  As i made my way through the layers, i found many un-mentionables that were, well, gross.  Dead bugs, mice feces…at any rate, i would highly recommend having gloves, a face mask, and your shop vac handy…i was glad that i did. So, without further a-do, lets get into it!

First, remove any cording or piping or edging. This comes off pretty simply as it is just glued on. Give her a rip! Once you get that off, you’ll begin the ominous task of removing staples and “undressing” her.

In my classic form, (being that i can’t wait to start any project) i grabbed any tools i had (i.e. a screwdriver and pliers) and went for it.  Y’all, this WILL work…but, can i recommend a MUCH kinder option?  They make a tool for this …which i now have, and am so grateful to have it as i work on the matching chair.  You can find the one I ordered HERE.

Now, just keep going…

If i could make one suggestion, y’all, it would be to take LOTS of pictures of every piece that you remove and how it looked right before you started removing it. This will help you beyond measure when you start to “rebuild” your sofa with all new lining, stuffing, cushions, and upholstery. There are just too many layers to remember if you have never done this before…and I have never done anything bigger than a chair, so, welcome to the virgin voyage!

Here is a picture once i removed all of the tufted fabric and laid it down.  You can see they have used brad buttons for the tufting, which i will hopefully be able to clean and use again for the tufting. They seem to be in pretty good shape. Strong and sturdy brads.

Here’s a look at the next step…just removing more staples, and pulling back each of the layers. Just keep going, y’all.

And, FINALLY down to the final lining layer…


My little Lily Kate came to the rescue for a few hours and helped me pull out staples that broke along the way and were just sticking out waiting to cut someone…(The upholstery staple remover does not induce the same number of casualties in staples that my trusty screw driver did…)

And just in case you are wondering, here’s what my screwdriver looked like by this point…

At this point, the metal of the screw driver was just wiggling around in the rubber base…fairly useless.

And, miracle beyond miracles…her beautiful frame finally emerged!

As you can see, this is by no means free of staples at this point.  There are literally still hundreds on there.  I’m working on it!  (Actually, the staples are all off now, but ill be sharing the next steps in Part II, so, make sure to subscribe if you want to see the next post and tutorials of how to do this yourself!

Coco from The Crowned Goat

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I hope y’all have enjoyed part I of the Vintage Sofa DIY Reupholster on our weekly link party at The Gathering Place!  We can’t wait to check out all of your inspiring projects!

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