imageAlright y’all… I’ve had these terra cotta pots just sitting around for a minute (or like two years).  I finally decided that I wanted some more enamel pots to put my flowers, succulents, topiaries etc in. BUT, I didn’t want to go antiquing OR spend the money on new ones. What to do, what to do??

I finally thought to myself, “why not make some faux enamel pots?!” And so, that’s what I set out  to do.  

This was so easy y’all. Seriously. Go get your terra cotta pot. 😉

i just painted the whole thing with white chalk paint. You could use any paint. Chalk paint, latex, craft paint… Whatever.

Then, once that dried, I taped off a little section at the top of the pot, and painted that with a glossy back enamel. You could use any color you want. I even did one red for things like Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, and Christmas.  How cute would it be to add a couple orange ones to the black and stencil a “31” on the front of one for Halloween?? I’m gonna have to find some more pots!!

Then I took a small paint brush and made little “chips” in the “enamel” with it here and there til it looked right to me.  Then I sealed it with wax. You could use a poly spray or whatever you want to seal it.

So, what do you think? I kinda like it. And for less than $1 a pot, I think I kinda love it.  Happy painting y’all!