OK y’all, let me start this by saying…for whatever reason, my Master Bedroom has always been the LAST room on the list to get any attention in our home…Until Now!! I’m so excited that y’all are here for my Farmhouse Master Bedroom Makeover!

(Disclaimer: I was given product in exchange for my review in this post. All opinions and pictures are my own. My promise to y’all is that I will never suggest a product to you that i don’t love, and use in my own home.) Y’all also know that i love to support other women in small businesses and want them to success, I have a friend who saved a bunch of money through Money Expert for their business. But anyway, best find an item i love and order for my own home, i love to share the goodness of these makers with you! They are not sponsored, but rather a public service to y’all of where to find and support these women!

Before we even begin, i want y’all to know that i will be sharing the before pictures of our master bedroom in all of it’s chaotic glory. I don’t know how or why it happened, but our room had essentially become the “dumping ground” for everything/everyone in the house. Laundry someone doesn’t want to deal with? Shoes and backpacks? Blankets and pillows? Mail and school papers? Yep. All of the above somehow always seemed to find it’s way into our bedroom.

So, i finally decided it was time to take our space back and make it a place that we enjoyed.

Here are few before pics…


As you can see, pictures had been thrown on the walls haphazardly, the bed was rarely made…the room was being over run with furniture. My husband took a job where he now is able to work from home, so we had moved a desk and chair into the room (you can see the chair on the left in the pic above) leaving about a 2 foot walk way between the desk and the bed. On the other side of the bed, because i blog, there was another desk, with the same issue. We have 3 large windows in our room that were covered with dark wood blinds, and all of the walls and ceiling were painted in a dark tan, with a stain finish on the wall behind our bed. All in all, the room felt very dark and uninviting.

Heres a view showing the other side of the room…


This side is a huge eye sore for me! Can you tell who’s shelves are whose?! Sadly, Lucky for me, my husband has a love for Charlie Brown, that gnome, and someone even made him a personalized bobble-head at some point that we still get to display! I do have a plan for this wall, that includes turning those shelving units in to taller units, painting them, and building sliding barn doors to cover the television when not in use. But, that project is not done yet. I will share it in a post coming soon.

Let’s move on to the fun part…turning our room into a lighter and more inviting farmhouse master bedroom. If you are doing something similar but aren’t sure where to begin then it might be a good idea to check out something like these modern bedroom furniture sets.

The very first thing that had to happen was paint. I also knew that i wanted to add something to the wall behind our bed to create some interest. I decided to use a wall mural as a focal point. The one i used is from D. Marie Interiors …she has several beautiful wall coverings and murals to choose from!

Here is a pic with my littles helping to hang the mural…


The next step was to add a simple molding around the mural and along the top of the walls to create some visual interest in our otherwise very flat looking room. I wanted the mural to “pop” …almost like a giant framed work of art on the back wall.

Here is a pic of the finished mural and the moldings before i painted the walls and ceiling…


The next step was to take down the dark blinds, caulk the holes in the walls and the seams in the molding, and get painting! I knew immediately that i wanted to brighten the space and make it feel more relaxing. One of my favorite colors of paint in the world is Sherwin Williams Alabaster. It’s a perfect calming white. Not stark white, and not cream. Just soft, inviting white.

After painting everything, it was the fun part…decorating and choosing bedding! I knew that i wanted super comfy, all white sheets and a white down comforter. I chose the 4 piece King sheet set in white and the King white comforter from ienjoyhome.com …(ps…the sheet set is on sale for an amazing price right now!)

When we first put on the sheets, we noticed little runs, that quickly turned into rips in the sheets. I was so disappointed because they were so comfy to sleep in! I contacted ienjoyhome.com and they immediately sent us out a brand new set with no questions asked. That’s the kind of company i love to work with! We have not had any of the same issues with the new set, and they are so silky and soft. As far as the comforter, it has been a joy since day one. We absolutely love the comforter. It has kept us totally comfortable on warm nights, and now that it’s getting cooler, we are still snuggly and warm all night. I will say that we are in need of a new mattress as ours is getting old and kind of lumpy. We will be looking at leesa vs purple compared to see which one is right for us. We would have got this before the makeover but I wanted all available money going into the makeover.


To me, one of the most important things about creating a cozy master bedroom is adding layers with natural blankets and farmhouse pillows.


See that darling pillow in the middle? You can find it and many other choices at Doves and Dahlias. Jill makes the most incredible pillows and slip covers. She even personalized this pillow with the number 7 on the top right hand corner of the pillow (we have 5 kids, so there are 7 of us…i love little details like that!)

Here is a view a little farther back of the bedding. I layered on a natural linen cover, and then added one of my favorite blankets of all time to the bottom of the bed.


This chunky wool knit throw is from Modern Wool… and it is nothing short of heavenly. You want to know what is even more heavenly?! Zoe, the maker of all things beautiful from Modern Wool is giving y’all, my readers 20% off the items on her site if you use this code: HORSE from now until the end of December, 2016.

If y’all follow me on instagram, or have been following along this blog for very long, you know our mini bulldog Tank doesn’t like to be left out of the pics!


Another one of my favorite treasures in our room is this grainsack pillow that was monogrammed with my husband’s and my first initial. It’s these kind of very personal things that make a master bedroom special in my opinion.

Monogram Pillow

You can have your own made by Stephanie at Returning Grace. She has so many beautiful grain sack and farmhouse creations.

And while we are on the subject of fabulous farmhouse pillows, Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone has some gorgeous ones that i added to my farmhouse master bedroom too…

Farmhouse Bedding

How perfect is that blue and white ticking insert with grainsack cover? Love.

Here is another little pillow from Farmhouse on Boone that i added to my antique dresser that i refinished with milk paint.

Antique Night Stand

See those little french pillows tucked in my ironstone bowl above? These are one of my favorite things to add to the nightstands in our bedrooms. They are lavender sachets sewn up in these darling antique linens. I found these beauties from 1871Farmhouse. Christine is the maker, and she has several other gorgeous treasures that she creates.


I knew that i wanted to beef up the canvas above our bed to make it more of a focal point. My dear friend, Becky, made me this beautiful frame. I love it! She’s an amazing wood worker, and y’all will see more of her work in the future on my blog.

The sconces on the wall are an all time favorite for me in this room. They are the perfect mix of farmhouse and industrial. They are from Lamps Plus. I will have a post coming up showing y’all how easy these were to hang. I also love that the edison bulb inside is on a dimmer, so we can choose how soft or bright the light is on in the evenings.

Here’s a view of my husband’s side of the bed. I kept it really simple for him…

simple nightstand

Here’s one more look at the room…


We are loving how it is turning out to this point! If you want to continue to see as i finish the media console and move into our bathroom, make sure you scroll back up and subscribe to receive an email when those posts go live!

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our home for our farmhouse master bedroom makeover. Hope to see you back here soon!

Much Love,