Y’all, did you know Christmas is in 30 DAYS?!?  When did that even happen?! No worries… a few of my talented friends and i have you covered…and I’m so excited to share with y’all my Farmhouse Christmas Blog Hop for 2016…along with 6 other amazing Christmas tours to get your creative juices flowing for your holiday decor!

I will share the links at the end of this post, so you’ll want to be sure to check them out. All of these ladies are amazing!!  Let’s get started!

I was so excited to decorate this year because i have ALWAYS loved red in my home.  I used to have SO MUCH RED. As my style changed, which it is constantly doing, i went to a more neutral home. To see how i lightened and added easy and cheap DIY shiplap walls to  my entry and piano room, click HERE.   I love having the basics neutral because it’s so easy to bring in other colors and decor for all of the holidays.

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This old ladder is one of my favorite things to decorate during the holidays.  One of my very dear friends grabbed it for me from an old couple’s back yard one day that viewed it as trash. I love it.  I kept it simple, just threw on some of my favorite blankets and grainsack, a felt garland, and an antique pair of ice skates i picked up a few years ago. I also added one of my favorite little decor items, pieces of old chair spindles with crystal and ribbon attached. Mine are made from antique chair spindles, but you could get a very similar look using these spindles and painting them with chalk paint, and roughing them up with a little sandpaper.  You’ll see a few of them on the antique hutch i refinished in some pictures in this post!

I sewed these stockings for everyone in my family a few years ago, and i still love them.  Just basic muslin with different strips of burlap, some ruffled, some not.  I made little circle clay tags and stamped each member of our family’s first initial on them and poked a hole in them and tied them to each stocking with twine. If you want to see the super easy tutorial to make white clay tags and ornaments, you can find it HERE. I did stockings for my husband and I in grain sack, (you’ll see in other pics) and attached the same clay tags to ours.

One of my favorite things about Christmas each year is our collection of Christmas Books.  My mom started this when i was young, and i always loved reading them when she would bring them out each December.  We have our treasured Christmas books in various areas, waiting to be read and looked through.  I stuck a few favorites in an old antique crate by the tree with some cozy blankets to invite anyone to snuggle up and read whenever inspiration strikes. What would we do without the comforts of long time traditions?

Here’s a peak at the stockings i made for my husband and I…  Part of the beauty of a Farmhouse Christmas is that everything doesn’t have to match perfectly!  It just needs to feel right to you!  After i had made the stockings for my 5 kids, it just felt like ours should be a little different, and so i went with that, and i love them.

For our farmhouse table, i just gathered some favorite Christmas treasures and combined them all into my dough bowl.  The best thing in the world about dough bowls is that they are almost impossible to mess up!! I wanted it to be everything i love about Christmas in one place… Natural wood, a little sparkle, vintage fabrics, old cow bells, frosted pinecones, and to showcase it…plaid.

Here’s another view of the dough bowl…

I love that our stairwell invites guests into the room when it has a beautifully lit garland hung from it…

I always have the goal of making our home a peaceful refuge from the world (note: i said GOAL.  y’all, i am not perfect, my house IS NOT always clean, and i will never pretend it is! I am a real mom of 5 with 2 jobs, but i consistently dream and work towards the goal of making my soul and our life peaceful).  Goals are good, right??!

Here is a view from another angle in the room…

I love adding fresh greens and hydrangeas to the mix of Christmas decor.  There is something so beautiful about a touch of unexpected flowers in the middle of winter. I have thought a MILLION times about making white slip covers for my couches, but i love the deep grey velvet mixed with old barnwood and farmhouse touches, so for now, they will stay.  As you can see, i love mixing dressy pieces with farmhouse…to me, they compliment each other so well.

Here is a full view of the stockings…

And a view from a little farther back…

Just like so many of you, i love Pillows!! Its such a perfect way to change and add the holidays to a room!

One of my all-time favorite places to find new pillow covers is from So Vintage Chic.  Kendra is brilliant with design, and i am constantly ordering from her for the pillows in my home. Want a discount on pillows from So Vintage Chic?! Use code: BLACKFRIDAY25 in your check out!

Here’s one more pic of our farmhouse Christmas…

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I hope y’all have enjoyed our Farmhouse Christmas Blog Hop for 2016! I will be sharing my Christmas Porch and Entry way next week in a post, so make sure to scroll back up and subscribe so you don’t miss it!  Happy Holidays, y’all!
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