Hey y’all! Along with everyone else, i have an obsession with flocked trees…but, not the attached price tag – So, i thought i would share with y’all a super easy, cheap flocked tree tutorial so that you can create your own on any tree!

I found these porch trees on a great deal…



The problem was, they looked kinda cheap!  No problem…flocking can fix that!

Here are the supplies you  need:



Spray bottle

sifter or measuring cup

I had one of my littles helping me…


Yep! That’s it!  Here we go…

First, spray where you want to “flock” on your tree.  I recommend starting at the top, and then heading down the tree.  We ended up using a measuring cup instead of the sifter to put the flocking on. Once you’ve sprayed your tree, start sprinkling on the flocking.


After you sprinkle some on, spray those areas with water again…


if you have two people, you can have one sprinkle as the other one sprays…


Keep going until you have the desired amount of flocking on your tree…


Now, let dry for 24 hours. THAT’S IT!! Now you have a gorgeous, flocked tree for a great price as opposed to spending $200 and up for one! Another bonus…Unless you are flocking a huge tree, you’ll have left overs to flock wreaths, garlands, and more!


I hope y’all have found this easy, cheap flocked tree tutorial helpful!! Happy Flocking!!

Much Love,