DIY Shiplap Entry
DIY Shiplap Entry

Here we go (finally!) with Part 2!  I apologize for the delay y’all, but i was in the process of getting my new site up and running, and here we all are! Yay!!  Thanks for staying with me through the process! Muah!

So, in Part 1, we talked about the products i used (CHEAP!) and how to install it.  If you missed it, you can click HERE to read it first!  I will put a video in this post for those of you who are visual learners!  (right brained much? me too!)

At this point, the shiplap is up on the wall.  You either painted your pieces beforehand, or are now ready to do that.  I tried both ways, and found that i preferred to paint after it was up because i had to go back and touch up areas anyway.   I had a little help from my darling daughter a few times during this project!

My Mini-me
My Mini-me

Just keep painting….

Moving from the Hallway to the Piano Room
Moving from the Hallway to the Piano Room

It took two coats to cover my walls.  After the paint had dried, it was time to start adding the molding to finish off raw edges where there were rounded corners. I used Liquid Nails to secure my molding pieces. Here you can see it on the right side of the picture:


The next step is to caulk the gap left between your shiplap ends, and your molding piece.  This will give it a nice, seamless look.  The easiest way to caulk when you are painting is to use Painters Caulk. Just slip it in a gun, and starting at the top of your wall, slowly squeeze a line of it into the gap.  Here are a few tips that will keep your line smooth:

1) Have a little cup of water near by.  After you have filled in your gap from the top of the wall to the bottom, get your finger wet and gently run it over the caulk starting at the top and going to the bottom.  This will help keep it from sticking to your finger.

2)  Use paper towel dipped in water to clean up anything that slipped outside the gap you are filling.


Once the caulk is dry and filled in to your liking, you can use the same paint you used on the walls to paint the caulk and molding. If you have doors you need to caulk around, just put a piece of painters tape down the length of your door molding and fill in the gap with caulk as stated above.  Then you can just pull the tape off and you will have a nice, clean line along your door molding.  Make sure to pull the tape while the caulk is still wet though.

IMG_6509 (1)

Here you can see the molding as we were installing it around the archways. ( i will do a separate blog post describing how we did the shiplap around the archways, as this has already become a bit longer than i intended!)


As promised, here is the video 🙂

I hope this has been helpful for y’all!  Comment below if you have any questions or insights to share!  I love connecting with you and hearing all of your ideas!

Much Love,


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