We’ve all seen these lovely little creatures… And I even have several preserved topiaries… But I decided it was time to add a few live topiary plants to my home.   

After looking around a bit, I decided that $79 per topiary was much more of an investment than I wanted to make! (Mr. B would definitely not approve of such a purchase…)  So, like I do when I get an idea in my head, I decided, I can make that for way less!  (You should know, there’s about a 50/50 chance of success on many of these “make it for way less” projects.  But, that has never stopped me before, so why start now? 😬

So, I set out to find a Rosemary shoot (seedling) from a nursery to grow my own. To train it, and teach it to be the lovely little topiary creature I knew in its heart it wanted to be!  Here’s what it looked like when I bought it.  (Cost: $3.95). 

She’s so cute, right? 

Then I dug out one of my pots, and put a layer of gravel in the bottom to help the soil drain (“soil” kept autocorrecting to “soul” in that last sentence… I’m not in the business of draining any thing’s “soul” here! ) 

Next, I poured about a cup of potting soil into the pot, and watered it to remove air bubbles.  Then, I gently removed my little Rosemary shoot and root system from her container… And placed her centered on the gravel.  I added some tree and shrub potting soil all around and a little on top, and carefully pushed in a little bamboo stick next to her “trunk”. (I used the bamboo skewers you buy for grilling… It’s what I had on hand).  

Next, I trimmed all her little “shoots” of leaves off the bottom until i got to the height I wanted the bottom of the lollipop topiary to be.  I also decided on the total height I wanted her lollipop to be at this point, and trimmed off the top shoot so she would stop growing up and start to fill in as a ball (The gorgeous fragrance Rosemary gives off was so lovely during this part). 


Now, it was time to secure her little “trunk” to the bamboo stake so I could teach her how to grow.  I used twine i had on hand.  Gently pinch her trunk to the stake, and tie the twine (you could use raffia that you’ve soaked in water also… Just nothing damaging to her little trunk) in a figure 8 pattern around the trunk and the stake.  Knot it, and trim off the excess.  Do this in a few places until you have secured her trunk in a “straight” growing pattern. 

I did the exact same thing with my boxwood plant… Here are a few pics to show the progression: 

  So, I made both topiaries for the cost of $18.00. 

  • Rosemary shoot: $3.98
  • Boxwood plant: $6.98
  • Potting soil $6.95 
  • Bamboo skewers: I had on hand 
  • Pots:  I had on hand  
  • Twine: I had on hand 

Pretty good!! 

Here they both are all trimmed and ready to become a topiary.  Aren’t they precious?  ❤️

I will do an update as they grow and progress!  Happy DIY topiary making! 😘

Much ❤️,