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If you have been following me on Instagram, Pinterest, or here on my blog for any amount of time…then you know that i love gardening, fresh flowers, and seeing things sprout and grow with a little love!  And today, I’m going to show y’all how to successfully pot and Spanish Lavender Topiary!  If you missed the post about the different types of lavender and how to grow and harvest them successfully, you can read my Lavender 101 post HERE.

Lets get started!  First things first, you need a Spanish Lavender topiary.  I found mine at Costco, but if you don’t have a Costco near you, check your local nurseries.

potted lavender topiary

Tank photo-bombed this pic!

spanish lavender topiaries

I decided to buy two, because i wanted them to flank the steps leading up to my doorway.  Aren’t they the cutest things ever?!

Next, you need to choose the correct pots for your sweet little plants.  When it comes to lavender topiaries, select a pot that is not much bigger around than the “head” of your plant… Maybe just an inch or two larger.  Lavender prefers her roots to be fairly crowded.  Too much extra soil can cause moisture to linger in your pot, and cause root rot for your plant, which will kill her.  Make sure your pot is large enough to fit the entire root ball, with room at the bottom for pebbles or stones to encourage draining away from the roots.

I have two matching, perfectly weathered pots that i knew my topiaries would be lovely in and feel right at home. Lets talk about preparing your pots for your topiaries.

Untitled design (32)

I purchased an Organic raised bed potting soil to encourage wicking from the roots, but that alone wont provide enough drainage for these little ladies.  I grabbed a bag of Pea Pebbles and placed them in the bottom of my empty pots, to about 3 inches in height.  (If your containers don’t have any drainage holes in the bottom, you will want to be sure to add some before adding your pebbles).

Untitled design (33)

Next, i added an couple inches of soil on top of the pebbles, and gently removed my topiaries from their disposable containers.  It’s important to gently “loosen” the roots on the bottom of the rootball before placing your topiaries into the pot. This will encourage the roots to establish themselves in their new home. I’ve added some pics below to show you the difference:

Before loosening the roots:

Untitled design (31)

After gently loosening the roots:

Untitled design (37)

Now you are ready to place your topiary into your pot.  Once you have her centered, fill in the sides around the root ball with your soil, and give her a good watering!

Untitled design (35)

Make sure you place your topiary in a sunny location, and cut off (deadhead) expired flowers to encourage new growth.  You’ll want to check your plant daily, and when the top inch of soil is dry, give her another drink.

Untitled design (36)

These topiaries are such wonderful greeters to guests!  They make me happy every time i see them!  You’ll have to forgive the yard…it’s just finally warming up here in Utah, so that’s next weekend’s project!

Hope you have found this helpful, and good luck to you with your own Lovely Lavender Topiaries!

Much Love,




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