Let me just start off by saying, that i have formed a new love affair with an old favorite of mine…Barn Red.  I was recently re-inspired by my gorgeous new wood watch from JORD…which went on to inspire a new furniture makeover in Barn Red.  Y’all, this used to be my very favorite color to refinish furniture with…but with my love affair with white the past year or so, i had kinda forgotten how stunning, classic, and timeless red can be.

First off, let me just show you my new JORD watch…i chose the Cora Purple Heart and Pearl watch...and believe me when i say, it was like Christmas morning when it arrived!  I’m absolutely in love with the way it was packaged:

JORD watch

In a beautiful,  unfinished wood box, wrapped around a herringbone wool pillow?! How cute is that??  And i LOVE wearing it…i literally don’t go a day without someone commenting on how pretty it is.  I love that it can be dressed up or down, and it’s WOOD!  Could a piece of jewelry be more perfect for any DIY’er who is constantly building, refinishing, and painting wood?!

At any rate, i had been eyeing JORD’s wood watches for some time, and was so excited when it came.  I chose this watch because it reminded me of the old aged red barns i used to see growing up in Georgia.  I instantly fell in love.  When it came, and i had it in my hands, i remembered how much i loved refinishing furniture in a rustic red barn wood color, and i was immediately planning my next project!  I can’t wait to share it with y’all!

But today, lets just take a minute to look at my new piece of jewelry…And to be fair, i wear VERY LITTLE jewelry, and am super picky about what i do wear.  I love that it’s wood, and light weight, and the color of happy memories of the country and barns.  I love that it has just a tiny bit of sparkle to it to add a feminine but not over the top design.  I asked my daughter to join me in taking a few pics of it to share with y’all:

JORD watch

Untitled design (92)

Untitled design (95)

This started to get incredibly fun for the two of us…as we discovered there is literally no setting where this watch didn’t look amazing!

Untitled design (97)

What could possibly be better than photographing a wood watch on old beautifully aged wood??

Untitled design (100)

Our dog Tank even got jealous and wanted in on the action…

Untitled design (96)

He literally would not move out of this shot…

Untitled design (99)

Good thing he is the sweetest dog ever and I’ve had him for a decade.  He even puts up with all of my sanding, staining, painting, and noisy power tools…never leaving my side…

So what do you think?  Have you looked at all of the amazing JORD wood watches?  They are stunning.  I think it’s fair to say, this is my new favorite piece of jewelry.  The most amazing part is, I’ve teamed up with JORD for an AMAZING giveaway!! To Enter click HERE.

The WINNER gets a $75 gift certificate to JORD, and all of the “LOSERS” (there are none!!) get a $20 coupon code for your own JORD wood watch!!

Wishing you the very best of luck on winning your own Barn Red JORD wood watch… or whichever gorgeous style that you choose!

My barn red furniture makeover is coming soon… be sure to sign up (at the top of the page) to have an email sent when that post is live!

Much Love,


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