If you follow me on Instagram (@onehorselane) then you know that Mr. B and I have been in Alabama the last couple days working. (And maybe having a midnight stroll on the beach…)

  You also know that I may have slipped out during the day yesterday for a few hours to go antiquing in some of the darling little towns around us.  

I had such a great time.  I stumbled upon an old ma’ and pa’ antique shop that was perfect.  This sweet little couple has been running the shop for years and years…and as you can imagine, their shop was full to the brim with beautiful things.  

I enjoyed so much walking around their shop with them and hearing about their favorite pieces as I looked for things to add to my home.  I found the most beautiful old secretary, but being that we are flying home, I had to keep my purchases smaller in size. 

After wandering through their shop, we sat on their front porch of the store in rocking chairs talking about how they got started in this business they love.  It was really a beautiful summer day and reminded me how much I miss living in the south.  

I thought I’d share a few pics with you of my southern haul… 

I was mainly on the hunt for a few ironstone pieces to add to my collection, as well as a few items for my newly painted kitchen. (That blog post is coming when we get home from our trip to the south). 

I also picked up a couple old cutting boards to add to my collection and a couple antique shoe forms for a shelf that’s been waiting for them. 

I love my new sweetly shaped ironstone mugs, and the sweet vintage rolling pin I picked up that will look great with my bread boards in the kitchen. 

I also fell in love with this vintage hand mixer.  It’s clearly been forgotten after years of use, and I love the charm of it. I can just imagine someone turning that handle lovingly to prepare something for the people dear to them.   


One of my favorite finds though, is this antique electric waffle iron.  I love the slide setting for the choice of a light, medium, or dark waffle.  I also find the worn wooden handles on this piece lovely.  Mr. B makes a mean waffle, and they have become a favorite in our home.  I think I’ll display this beauty on my kitchen counter near the tea station. It has so much character, it should be seen. 

So, that’s it! Hope you love these little beauties as much as I do! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! 😘