Y’all, the 90’s had their place .  I mean, truly…they really did.

Madonna with “Vogue”, rocked our world.  Michael Jackson with “Black or White”… the whole Milli Vanilli scandal, Ice Ice baby from Vanilla Ice (he went on to have his own DIY show…incase y’all missed it)…the 90’s really did have their place in music.

Not so much in Lighting Decor…

90's thrift store find...
90’s thrift store find…

Hello Oak and Brass Chandelier… the Milli Vanilli of Lighting.  It didn’t mean to trick us.  It really thought it was on to something good.  Offering us the promise of something new.  But, alas, it was just another wolf in sheep’s clothing.  It needed to be painted.   It needed some extra texture.  It needed to be Lovely.

And so, that’s what i set out to do when i stumbled upon this lost piece of oak and brass that begged to be something more!  (For $5).

I knew she wanted to be found by Jonanna Gaines.  She wanted to have the glory of being featured on Fixer Upper.  And i was determined to give her as close of a makeover to Farmhouse Chic as i could muster up.  She didn’t know at the time that she would be gracing the entryway of 5 beautiful children.  Children who come and go with the freeness that the wind offers them.  Who enjoy open spaces to run and create and explore as only God could have intended them to do.  This is her place.

I started with painting her white, to match the new Shiplap walls surrounding her in the entry.  I left the brass unpainted because i new i wanted that wood and metal mix, and brass has made its way back into the decor scene.  Welcome back, Brass.

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Then, i added Hemp into different crevices on the chandelier.

I did this by using a glue gun at the starting and ending points where I wrapped the hemp.  You’ll want to make sure to wrap tightly and push the hemp rows up the part of the chandelier you are wrapping.  This will alleviate any sagging in the hemp cording.  When you come to your ending point, you will want to choose the most hidden spot to end your hemp.  (out of sight, out of mind).  secure that ending piece with your glue gun.

Now just take a step back, and decide other areas that might benefit from the texture that hemp offers.

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Remember to consider that less is more.  We are staying in line with Modern Farmhouse Decor.

Once you have your hemp where you want it, You’re done!  Easy Peasy lighting fixture for under $15!

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Hope this has been helpful to you!  I’d love to hear about any lighting makeovers y’all have done!

Much Love,


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