Happy Holidays y’all! I LOVE beautifully wrapped presents. Almost as much as the gift inside. So, I thought i would share 20 different Christmas wrapping styles with y’all to get your creative wrapping juices flowing! Also, don’t forget to scroll up and subscribe to receive an email when Part 2 of my Christmas Home Tour goes live next week!

Let’s get wrapping!


One of my favorite things about giving a gift is the presentation. I love the gift to take on the personality of the person i am giving it to, so it evokes excitement before the person ever opens the gift.

If ya’ll have followed me on instagram , pinterest , facebook , or here on my blog for any amount of time, you know that my heart leans toward modern farmhouse…but that doesn’t mean that the gifts you place under the tree are locked in a box of a specific style in order to all look beautiful and cohesive together! For example, a copy of a video game such as Red Dead Redemption 2 be square and therefore can be wrapped in a certain style, but if a guide book or RDR2 cheat codes were wrapped in the same box, the shape would be irregular and different wrapping techniques would be needed!

One of my favorite ways to wrap gifts comes from the beautiful french wrapping years ago. Simple, white, embossed wrapping paper…


Isn’t it just stunning?! My friend bought her wife a watch from WatchShopping and wrapped it in this paper, it looked amazing!! I absolutely LOVE the simplicity and beauty of it. BUT, it can be hard to find these days, so, i’m gonna let y’all in on my little secret…white embossed wrapping paper does an amazing job! You can find the one i used on my gifts this year HERE. This roll goes far y’all. And you will be in complete heaven with the thickness and perfect lines you get with it.

Now, this wrapping is gorgeous as is…but if you want to add a little more, here are some examples of embellishments:


Just simply wrapping it in twine creates a natural, simplistic, neutral feel. This is fantastic for the people in your life that are simple, yet love a little detail. You can get the twine i used HERE.

If you want to add a little more…


Tie in a piece of burlap ribbon and a small strip of pom poms for good measure.

One of my favorite things to add to my gift wrapping during Christmas are sprigs of fresh pine bow… You don’t need very much (depending on how many presents you are wrapping…and then the rest of the fresh garland can be used to decorate mantles, entry ways, outdoor garage lights, chandeliers…it’s endless.


If you want to go a little further, add in some fresh greens and a simple ornament...


If you want even more, you could add a sticker with a Christmas/Winter quote on it…


I can’t find the exact one i used here, but these are darling!

Here are a few different ways to embellish white embossed gift wrap:

A simple red and white gingham ribbon looks amazing…


You can tie on some red pom poms and an ornament for a little extra texture and sparkle…


A simple red grosgrain ribbon makes a lovely presentation…


For someone with a little more traditional, farmhouse taste, a holly berry ribbon is a perfect touch…


Or for the true classic, traditional Christmas gift wrap, add some Merry Christmas Ribbon and a sprig of fresh pine bow…


i kinda love that last one…here’s a close up…


Looking for something a little more modern? But with a touch of softness? Add some black and white twine and a yarn pom pom…


Want to use only white embossed paper for your gifts this year, but need it to feel more masculine? Just use washi tape on top of your regular tape that you seal the seams of your gift wrap with…


The washi tape itself wont be strong enough to hold the seams together, so i just layer it on top of the places i have taped, and use it as the only embellishment for the men in my life…


Another perfectly classic option is to use craft paper as wrapping paper. This has been a favorite for years and years for many people…


I know y’all just sang “brown paper packages tied up in string” in your heads! For whatever reason, every time i wrap gifts this way that song plays in my head…and it’s actually a happy little private moment for me! Well, private ’til now!! And brown paper packages are the best way to wrap those difficult little items that just don’t quite fit, you know the ones I mean, things like custom bobbleheads – now there’s a challenge!

Here’s a little more decorative twist on traditional brown paper packages… ( i actually like the link i shared with y’all better than the one shown here…)


Want to add a little glam to your brown paper packages? This is a favorite of mine. You can find this one HERE.


You can find the cute White Pom Pom Ribbon here.

Looking for just a super simple, bright, classic Christmas wrapping idea? Nothing is better than classic red with a simple print and a fresh pine sprig tied up with white ribbon. I added the same cute white pom pom ribbon that i used in the last wrapping idea to add a touch of “snow”…


Moving on to the glitter/glamour lovers out there! Nothing says sparkle and glamour at Christmas time like gold glitter…. i couldn’t find the exact wrapping paper i used here, but this one would be darling too!

Here are a few different wrapping ideas with this fabulous gold glitter wrapping paper!…

Pom Pom ribbon and fresh pine…


Classic white ribbon, white pom pom ribbon, and fresh pine…


Or for someone a little more modern… black and white twine, white pom pom ribbon, and a glittery ornament tied on…


The best thing about all of these wrapping options, is that they work together seamlessly under one tree… no matter your personal decor style!



I hope that y’all have found some inspiration in the 20 different Christmas wrapping styles i shared…or at the very least, that it got your creative juices flowing for your own gift wrapping this holiday season! If you missed Part 1 of my Christmas Home Tour, you can find it HERE. Happy Holidays y’all! See you soon!


Much Love,